Dramatic Airport Braindump

Here is a journal entry I wrote in the Rome airport that I had forgotten about and wanted to share:

“Right now I am sitting alone in the airport in Rome, waiting to catch my first flight in the series of three flights that will make up this long travel day. This morning I said goodbye to the rest of CR11. I have to say, it was about as difficult to do as expected, if not more. The relationships I have planted and cultivated through this experience have left me feeling hungry. The idea of friendship I had in the past was just a dip of my toe into a much deeper pool. I used to think friendship was eating and talking and laughing together. I used to think friendship was easy and comfortable. This idea is not entirely false. You can and should feel comfortable around friends. However it is vital to reach into the discomfort with that person in order to challenge each other to grow and grow with each other. In the past, my relationships have been static. I would get comfortable with a person and never venture far beyond that. I was scared to make them feel uncomfortable. I was scared for myself to feel uncomfortable. Now I know what a disservice this was to the people around me. All this time I spent building a foundation of stupid jokes and gossip beneath most of my relationships could have been spent pouring love and sincerity into each other. It amazes me that an eye-opening experience just this past month has been. Now I imagine using this hunger for people for the rest of my life. I needed CR because I was a paper-thin person. The things I’ve learned and the people I’ve met have added layers to my life. Now I am a book. Still being written. Thank you.”

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